Adjective Collectors


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trading con sistema binario During todays English lesson the children have been exploring their sense of taste to gather adjectives to describe 5 different fruits. Most of the children enjoyed tasting the blueberries and thought that they tastes sweet. The orange was rather chewy so a few of us needed to put some of it into the bin.

What a busy term!


Posted by jennacox | Posted in General News | Posted on 28-11-2017 It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the children in Year 1  and I cannot believe we are nearly at the end of our first term together. During this term the children have learnt and progress in all areas of the curriculum.

In maths, we have been learning how to count in 1’s up to 100 and in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. As part of this learning, the children have explored number and their value. When learning larger numbers the children have begun to identify the tens and units, enabling them to truly understand the size of the number.

Tastylia Oral Strip As writers, the children have learnt and written the story of ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. We have also become poets and written our own poems about fireworks. The children included similes in their poems; comparing a verb or an adjective to and object i.e as red as an apple. We are currently learning about instructions and the need to be bossy when writing instructions!

In Science we have learnt about materials and their properties. The children were able to use this knowledge to solve Leo’s problem! Leo had a hole in his umbrella and needs to find a good material, that is waterproof, to fix it! During this term the children have been learning all about the 5 senses and how important these are in everyday life. During topic lessons the children have learnt all about shoes and their home town of Kingsley and Northampton. We have begun learning about India as a country and how it differs from England. We recently enjoyed exploring our sense of taste, when visiting the Imperial Raj.

Below is a video of some of the learning opportunities the children have been involved with. We hope you enjoy watching it.

Busy Learners on PhotoPeach


Well where did that year go?


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It was only a few months ago in September that your children came bravely through the door into Year 1 and here we are at the end of another academic year.
They have all grown and changed so much. It has been a pleasure to teach them and enjoy so many happy memories.
I hope you all have a restful summer and that the children settle quickly with Miss Dean. Goodbye and Good Luck to you all.
Mrs Kitchin

Roblox information


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Roblox – a guide for parents

15 June 2017

Childnet Education Officer Tom offers some top tips for parents to help young people stay safe on Roblox.

In our education sessions, young people and parents often mention Roblox, the popular gaming site. Young people regularly tell us how much they enjoy the different games and levels within it. This blog explains a bit about Roblox, what to be aware of as a parent and offers our top tips on how to ensure your child stays safe. This is will include:
1Communication: how Roblox can be used to communicate with other users
2Content: what content is available on Roblox that might not be suitable for children
3Costs: what ways children might accidentally run up costs while using Roblox

Plus we will share our top tips for staying engaged with your children’s use of Roblox and making the most of the safety features available on the service.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a gaming platform where multiple players interact and play together online. The site has a collection of games aimed at 8-18 year olds, however players of all ages can use the site. Roblox is currently available on PC, phone, tablet and Xbox One.

Every game on Roblox is created by users, and there are a wide variety to choose from. These can vary from delivering pizzas, to roaming a kingdom as a medieval knight, to even starring in a fashion show. This variety is one of the reasons that Roblox is so popular with young people.

Key things for parents to be aware of

1. Communication: how users can communicate with others

Whilst the games are aimed at 8-18 year olds, there are no age restrictions. This means both adults and young people can play and communicate with each other on the platform.

All games are multiplayer and include a written chat feature, which is visible to players within each individual game. Users can also make and receive friend requests during gameplay and this means that they can chat to each other outside of the game.

You can read more about the Roblox chat features and the way that these are moderated on the Roblox community guidelines and within their safety features.

2. Content: what content is available that might not be suitable for children

The Roblox Studio is a section where players use their imagination and skills to create their own games and share these with others. The ability to create and play games can be very appealing to young people who like to create the content they see online.

However, because content is user-generated it can mean that some games might not be appropriate for young children. For example, whilst the graphics are not very life like, some of the games feature weapons and blood.

3. Costs: How children might accidentally run up costs

By creating games, users can earn Robux, the in-game currency. You can also buy Robux in the game. Players can spend money on items, such as membership to the Builders Club. .

If game creators attract players and in-game adverts, they can earn a lot of Robux, which they can convert into real money. To do this, players must be over the age of 13, have paid for Roblox’s premium subscription, and have access to a Paypal account. This means that younger players would need to talk to an adult to be able to exchange their Robux for real money.

Top tips for parents

Whatever gaming sites your children use, our advice remains the same. It is important to have a conversation with your child about the sites they use and carry on having open discussions. This will encourage them to come to you with any concerns they may have.

Involve your child in discussions and decisions about online safety and their internet usage. This will help them understand the importance of staying safe whilst having a great time online. It will also help to educate them about how they can keep themselves safe online and know what to do if something goes wrong.

1. Stay engaged and have regular conversations
•Show an interest in the games your children are playing. This could be through having a conversation about what they like to play or could be through watching them play the game. You could even have a go at playing the games yourself! If children know you have an interest in the game, they may feel more comfortable talking to you about it or coming to you for help if they need it.

2. Help them understand the importance of personal information
•Check that your child understands:
– the importance of keeping their personal information safe
– that the should speak to an adult straight away if the chat goes from being about the game to meeting up offline, personal information or sending images.

3. Set rules around spending money in games

Have a conversation with your child to make sure they realise that is possible to spend real money on the game. Make promises that work for your family; perhaps your child will have to ask you for permission before they make an in-game purchase.

If you want more help to create these promises for your family’s internet use, please refer to our family agreement.

4. Make use of the safety features available
•Block and report:
Make sure your child knows how to find and use the report and block functions. Use the Roblox how to make a report page to learn how to do this.
•Safety settings:
Set up the parental controls that are right for your family. You can also disable chat, set up the Parent PIN and use the Account Restrictions within Roblox. Click here for more information on how to use the Safety features.
•Settings for under 13s:
There are additional safety features for under-13s , so it’s worth checking your child’s account is registered with the correct age. Players under the age of 13 have a <13 symbol next to their username on the game at all times, however this is not displayed to other players.

5. Encourage them to tell you about concerns
•Remind your child that they should come to you if they ever see something inappropriate, mean comments or if anything worries them within the game. If you know how to report this type of content within Roblox, you will be in the best position to help them if they need it.

For more detailed instructions and guidance on how to use the safety features of Roblox visit the Roblox websit.

For further advice around this topic:

Our hot topic page about gaming:

For more information around gaming, games consoles and how to keep young people safe when playing games visit the UK Safer Internet Centres website:

If you ever have concerns about the communication between your child and someone they have never met and only know online you should report this to CEOP here:

For advice tailored for families around gaming:


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Home Learning


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Please keep up the phonics games and practise over the holiday. Children have games and extra reading books in their bags.


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Dinosaur and farm park


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Have you ever seen a snorasaurus?

Exciting news


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Your child is bringing home a letter with information about Year 1’s trip to Milton Keynes. We are going to learn more about animals AND dinosaurs!
If you have any questions please pop in to find out more.

24.3.17 Home learning


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We are sending home some red nose home learning!
You have the pot, seeds, and leaflet so please just add some compost and a lot of care. If things go well you will have some luscious tomatoes, if things go even better we could win!
Red nose mufti was fun. Many thanks for your donations you have been very generous recently, it is appreciated.

Happy Mothering Sunday


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You may receive a lovely surprise on Sunday!
On the other hand you may need to remind your child to raid their book bag and find a special secret!!
Either way “Happy Mothering Sunday” from Mrs Kitchin and Miss Thorn and all your little darlings.